My FreeBSD setup

For some time now, I have been using OS X on my MacBook happily as my web-browsing, film-watching, BZFlag-playing operating system. But for my developer needs, I use FreeBSD with occasional experimenting (or just portability checking) on OpenBSD.

I would like to share my FreeBSD setup with you.

First of all, it runs in the VirtualBox. In the headless mode. What does that mean? Simply put, there is no window and therefore the VirtualBox eats less resources. I have set up a port-forwarding rule on localhost, where TCP connections from host OS port 3022 are forwarded to the guest OS (in this case the FreeBSD) to port 22. By default, the FreeBSD installation runs the sshd. After everything is loaded, I just run ssh -p 3022 root@localhost and get nice terminal inside my iTerm2!

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